Sunday, July 22, 2012

Packing with D...

Going to be a quick post today folks! Bright and early tomorrow morning the boyfriend and I are off the see his family in Ontario and spend many of the next 7 days out at their "camp". Camp is Northern Ontario speak for "cottage"! So as many of you know, packing for trips when you're a diabetic is definitely more work. I've already had issues in the past with over packing (and even under packing) but I think I did quite well. We're only going for 7 or 8 days so I didn't have a ton of calculating to do in terms of how much of everything I was going to bring.

Here's what I brought...

    • Glucagon was the first to go in!
    • Basal and bolus insulin pens
    • Large Frio cooling pack
    • A full tube of grape flavoured Dex 4
    • My vitamin pill holder, full with 1 multi-vitamin and 2 Vitamin D's per day
    • Bayer Contour USB and test new meter which I have absolutely fallen in love with. But, that's a whole different post for when I get back!
    • Verio IQ meter and 50 test strips...I haven't actually purchased my own Bayer test strips yet. I got 50 with the meter so I'm bringing the Verio as my backup
    • Verio IQ charging cord which is also doubling as my IPhone charger.
    • Lots of 4mm pen needles which I got as samples.
    • And last but not least, my hypertension meds; Accupril (that's a new addition and another post as well)

And all these supplies fit very nicely in a Lantus bag that I got from my DNE...I finally found a use for it!!

We like to take snacks and a mini lunch on the road with us to save money. And now with diabetes tagging along on our road trips, food is always good to have in the car. Here's our little lunch, complete with a fresh vial of insulin on top so I don't forget it in the morning!!

That's cheese slices, couple of ham sandwich's, yogurt fruit salad (care of Pinterest) and homemade fresh blueberry muffins made by my awesome Mamma!!

See you all when I get back!!

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