Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Happy Low

I never thought I would ever in my life be thrilled to have a low blood sugar episode, but boy, was I every thrilled this week when it happened!

Let's back up about a week and a half....

The boyfriend and I had just returned home from our summer vacation where we went to visit his family in Ontario. We spent just over a week with them and 95% of the time was spent at their cabin. Much of the week was all about snacking, some drinks, and time in the sun. I was happy to completely discard of all schedules and simply relax and go with the flow. I managed my diabetes as best I could but for those of you that are also using insulin pens for injections, I'm sure you can all relate as to how difficult it can be to bolus when snacking all day long. By the time we got home my blood sugars were quite the mess. I was constantly high and even after sleeping for hours with no food in my system I would wake up with sugars around 10 - 12 mmol/L. I totally expected that after 2 or 3 days of my normal meal routine and cutting back on carbs, that my blood sugars would settle down overnight.

This was definitely not the case. It got to the point where I initially thought my insulin had spoiled during the road trip home. I swapped out my basal and bolus insulins for fresh new ones that I had just gotten from the pharmacy. This did not do the trick either. The numbers were slowly coming down but they were still very high between my meals and I was getting increasingly stressed and frustrated. I tend to feel very sluggish and fatigued when my sugars are high so I was anxious to figure out the problem so I could feel like myself again. I was correcting like mad and couldn't believe the amount of insulin that was being pumped into my body with very little effect.

And then it happened on day 9...that all too familiar shaky, nervous, clammy feeling of low blood sugar. I was pumped to check my blood sugar! Sure enough, I was sitting at 4.6 mmol/L! "Finally", I thought.

Things appear to be back to normal and I couldn't be more relieved. It amazes me at how long it can take to fully cleanse the system and to get back on track. It was all worth it though! It was a much needed time away spent with great family!

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  1. Isn't it funny what we can end up being thankful for? So happy it all worked out for you sweets!