Friday, July 6, 2012

The Benefits of Type 1...

" Everything happens for a reason."

I've always been a very strong believer in this saying. Often times we are dealt crappy hands but I've always eventually been able to see the good that's come out of it. Perhaps it's been the end of a relationship you thought was good, or maybe you didn't get that "dream" job/position you really wanted. Over time, the reasons why certain things didn't go according to plan tend to come to light. This saying has comforted me many a times!

So, when I found out I had Type 1 diabetes, I anxiously awaited that light to tell me the reason for all this. I'll be honest, I lost a little faith. I really couldn't figure out what was going to be so great about having this for the rest of my life!! I had ALOT of "What the F-" moments! It definitely got me down at times and I had days where all I wanted to do was hide under my duvet and cry away the day. But, life has to go on and diabetes is not going anywhere so I figured I had better embrace the bitch and get used to it!

I truly feel like I have done just that and today I really felt that this did happen for a reason. Even though I now have a "disease', I have honestly never felt healthier! Diabetes has kicked my ass off the couch and I have gotten full swing into running again and going to the gym almost every day. It's been way too long since being active has been a part of my daily routines and I am absolutely in love with it. I've never been the type of person that has been a gym addict, but the last little while I have felt totally hooked! Yesterday I even went for a run in the morning and then did a 60 minute hot yoga class in the evening. So unlike me! I've also started eating much healthier than I used to. I typically planned meals and packed lunches for work, but lost a lot of motivation in this department over the last year. Diabetes has made me much more conscious of what I am doing to my body and what goes in it. I still want to live until I'm old and grey so I'm really trying to fuel my body properly.

What I'm getting at here is that I've never felt more alive in my entire life! I know that sounds uber cheesy, but it's so true. I truly feel like I can take on anything!

Life is good people!

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