This is a list of terms and acronyms that I have or will be using in my posts. I will update the list as I go so keep checking back for the latest definitions.

A1C - A blood test done every 3-4 months which provides an average level of a persons blood sugar. As a diabetic, 7.0 is an average/normal level. Also known as a diabetics report card.

Basal - Long acting insulin that is injected once per day and helps to maintain blood glucose fluctuations.

Bolus - The injection of a fast acting insulin used to cover the carbohydrates eaten during a meal or snack.

DNE - Diabetes Nurse Educator; A nurse that specializes in diabetes education.

DOC - Diabetes online community

Endocrinologist (Endo) - A doctor who specializes in treating disorders of the endocrine system, such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

Glucose Tablets - Tablets used to treat blood sugar lows. Basically, they bring my sugar levels up.

Honeymoon Period - Can occur during a new diagnosis of Type 1 and the implementation of insulin into the body. Some of the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas begin to produce undetermined amounts of insulin on their own. This period can occur for several weeks or months but does no occur in every new diabetic.

Pancreas - A gland in the digestive and endocrine group. It creates several important hormones including insulin and glucagon. It also secretes pancreatic juice which helps the body to absorb important nutrients and digestion in the small intestine. These enzymes further help to break down carbohydrates and protein.

PWD - Person/People with diabetes

T1D - Type 1 diabetes

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