Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Canada Day, eh!

July 1st is Canada's 145th Birthday!!

Every Canada day makes me appreciate the fact that I'm Canadian! I absolutely LOVE being Canadian and I love travelling as a Canadian even more. During my recent trip to South East Asia I was always given a warm welcome when people would find out that I was from Canada. I also love the quiet patriotism that Canadians have....we adore our country and everything it stands for, but we're not over the top with it.

Canada has had many proud moments in its rich 145 years of are a few that stand out in my mind...


First has to go to none other than Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of Insulin. Fred, I literally owe you my life! Without your amazing discovery I, and so many others around the world, would not be here today. Thank you.

Next, is the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games! What an awesome time to be a Canadian! We truly came together as a country and even if you weren't in Vancouver during the games, the whole country felt electric!

Hockey, hockey and more hockey! It truly is Canada's game and we are always so proud of the accomplishments of our Canadian players! I wasn't always as big of a hockey fan as I am now but when you have spent the last 3 years with a man that eats, sleeps and breathes hockey, then you definitely start to appreciate the game! Plus, Winnipeg finally got their precious Jets back and we managed to score our very own season tickets so I really paid attention last year!

And lastly, the Canadian Military. My Dad served in the Canadian Air Force for 43 years. He joined when he was just a young man living in Moose Jaw, AB and retired in Winnipeg in 2007. I am very proud of my Dad's career and the career of so many other Canadian men and women serving our country every single day. Whenever I see an Air Force logo or someone in uniform, it makes my heart smile and reminds me of home!

My little family at my Dad's retirement ceremony

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!!


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