Saturday, June 2, 2012

"The Big C"

Don't worry... There's no spoilers in this post if you're currently following the show!

This past week I got the opportunity to catch up on season 3 of "The Big C". The Big C is described as a comedy/drama and the premise behind the show is that the main character, Cathy Jamison aka. Mrs. J (played perfectly by Laura Linney ),  is diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to live her life on her terms. And boy does she ever! Considering the dark topic covered in the show, it's surprisingly light hearted and I laugh my way through every episode! There are so many great characters in the show and they all bring something very unique to the story lines. There is never a dull moment and I highly recommend it!

While watching the show last week, it got me thinking about the ups and downs of life and how we handle them. Let me first say that I am in NO WAY comparing diabetes and cancer. They are vastly different diseases. Each disease though comes with very different challenges and obstacles to over come. When I first started watching The Big C last year, I did not have diabetes so as I was watching the show last week it really made me think of the way we handle the crappy hands we can be dealt. I realise that Cathy Jamison is not real, but I'm sure there's a bit of Mrs. J in all of us! If you've ever looked on the bright side, or taken the approach that "Life's too short!" then you have a bit of her in you! I truly feel that it's important to have a positive outlook as much as possible. Sure, we all have really rough days that can feel like we're never going to get through them, but we do! And as Mrs. J would say....

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