Sunday, September 9, 2012

September DSMA Blog Carnival

This post is my September entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival. If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

In an effort to blog more, and to get some more original ideas, I've decided to start participating in the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy's (DSMA) Blog Carnival. Every month there is a new topic to blog about and you have the whole month to get it done.

September's topic is "post a picture of your (or your loved one’s) diabetes bag or gear "...So, here it is!!

This is what I used to lug around when I was first diagnosed. I used everything the way it was given to me. I very quickly learned that this was taking up way too much room in my purse for more important stuff. So, I decided to downsize and keep everything in one little bag....

I managed to snag this little gem at Shopper's Drug Mart. The local store by my place was undergoing some reno's so they were blowing out a bunch of products for dirt cheap in order to make room for their new displays. I got this little make up bag by Quo for $3.00 and now see it for $12.00! I love that it's long, so it fits my insulin pens quite nicely. I also keep my Bayer USB meter, test strips, lancing device (I still use the OneTouch Delica), weekly vitamins (Vitamin D, multivitamin and Metamucil capsule) tucked in there.

I've accumulated a lot of different meters, pouches and supplies. I use this 2 drawer plastic organizer to store all my extra supplies. The left drawer is for all my insulin needs, and the right is for all my testing needs. I could probably do with getting a second one as it's gotten pretty cramped in there!!
So, that's just a little peak at how I keep my diabetes management a little more organized!



  1. love the bag! I am always looking for cute ways to transport my not-so-cute necessities. :)

  2. Your new bag is so much cuter than the older ones, and I love that it was such a bargain. And hurray for downsizing - it's tough to lug all that stuff around!!

    1. Thanks Karen! The idea to switch to a fancier bag was actually from your post where you bought new bags through Etsy. :)