Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Outside D...Part 1

Phew! The National Diabetes Awareness month photo-a-day challenge is officially done. I had a lot of fun completing the challenge and I enjoyed spreading some awareness about the disease. At first, I wasn't sure how it would be received by my non-PWD's  readers, but I got quite a few comments from friends and family about how they looked forward to the pictures!

Although I feel that advocating for diabetes awareness is important, it's nice to take a break from it, especially now that the Christmas season is upon us. Alanna Swartz over at Life on T1 has decided to start a series of posts about her "life outside D". She's encouraged others to follow along so I've decided that this is a good a time as any to share some of the other parts of my life with my readers.

My life can be boring, people! You've been warned!

This past weekend was spent getting some Christmas treats ready for the season, as well as catching up with friends. The boyfriend and I headed out to the country to visit friends of ours and to bring along some gifts to their 3 adorable kids! It's something we do every year and we really look forward to it. The kids open their presents with us and it's always so fun being able to spoil them and to see how excited they get with their new toys!

Saturday I ran a couple errands and then spent the afternoon making homemade Christmas snack mix. There are numerous variations of this mix out there. I usually make this every year and it makes a nice big batch that can easily be taken along to parties and family gatherings during the holiday season.

Supplies. Check!
Ready to eat!

I picked up a couple Christmas tins at Dollorama to store the mix in. It's tastes so good, but is so bad!!

I also put up a couple decorations over the weekend. Nothing major, but just enough to make it feel more Christmasy in here!!

Over the last few weeks I've been getting back in to a more consistent gym routine. I typically used to only run while at the gym but have decided to start throwing in weights 4 days per week. A close friend recommended a good program by Jennifer Rankin that helps to build muscle. I've altered the program slightly because this girl is ripped and I'm only just starting out.

Here's what I did Saturday at the gym:

30 minute run
Overhead Press: 20x15 / 20x12 / 20x10
Upright Rows: 20x15 / 20x12 / 20x10
Lateral Raise: 10x15 / 10x12 / 10x12
Rear Delt Flyes: 10x15 / 10x12 / 10x10
Full sit up on stability ball x 30
Bicycle Crunches x 12
Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!


  1. If you're looking to increase your strength, I'd highly recommend "The New Rules of Lifting for Women". It's a resource I use all of the time and I tell everyone to get it! Also, check out Girls Gone Strong, they've got some awesome stuff as well!

    1. Thanks Ali! I knew you'd be a big help in this department. I will definitely check them out!